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Label Printing on the Web

LabelCraft now supports Label Printing from a web browser.

Label formats are prepared in a printer independent format on a server site, and sent to the local web browser via a web-socket communication channel.

The local LabelCraft Print Engine automatically converts the printer independent format to a format for a specific label printer, and the label is finally printed.

The new Web Label Printing system has been developed for one of the bigger food producer chains in Norway.

RTF Text support

LabelCraft now supports RTF text fields.

RTF documents created by Windows Office can be directly inserted on the label.


LabelCraft DbPrint installed at SAS

Sas-DbPrint Hazard Label SystemThe LabelCraft Database Print program (DbPrint) has been successfully installed at SAS Technical Bases at Copenhagen, Arlanda, and Gardermoen.

New printer configuration

The new printer configuration is a great feature in the new version of LabelCraft

LabelCraft now fits all printer types – regular office printers, and industrial marking Equipment.
– Simple printer configuring wizard
– Printers listed by printer manufacturer
– Printer Ports now automatically listed

Multiple Language Support

Program languages:
English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean on any Windows language
Labels can display and print in any language, incl. mixed languages
Eg. Chinese with English
Full Unicode support

Database Support


New module replacing the ODBC2000 program

Easy configuration
Drag and drop database fields to the label

New graphical user interface

Ribbon based
Possible to dock windows
Field list presentation gives overview of label content
Multiple documents
Drag and drop from other programs: Label files, text or graphics

New version of LabelCraft launched, old formats supported

Key benefits with new LabelCraft:

Simple and user-friendly

Customizable to ease every day operation

Fits all printer types – regular office printers, and industrial marking equipment

Easy to integrate with other systems, like ERP and production management systems

Own direct drivers

Connects directly to databases

Developed with new Windows development SW (MFC 2008) / .Net

Based on long experience, and have kept compatibility with older formats